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Most dogs love agility, and Tito is no exception! From the time he was very young he was fearless on the obstacles and loved running the courses. He's a FAST dog out on the agility course and his ability to focus on the task at hand is a huge asset.

Tito made his agility debut in late October, 2011 and earned his NAP and NJP Agility Titles in just 2 weekends, with all first place scores! Then, after taking over two months off, he came back in early February, 2012 to earn both his OAP and OJP titles, again with all first place scores. He went on to earn his AXP title 2 weeks later, again with all first place scores. After taking a 3 month break to earn his senior hunter title, he returned to agility and immediately earned his AJP title, with all first place scores!

Then, in Winter 2012-2013 Tito continued to amaze everyone by earning his MJP title in just 15 weekends from the first time he set foot in an agility ring, still with all first and second place scores. He also finished the MXP title the next weekend that he was entered. In August, 2014 after a hiatus from agility to work on a few other sports Tito returned to finish his XFP and T2BP titles.  

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